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Lecture by Dr. Emad from Sharjah University 2016年8月4日



On Thursday August 4th Assistant Professor Emad Mushtaha, an alumni of Hokkaido University, gave a lecture on Teaching Methodologies for Sustainability and Management of Architectural Planning at University of Sharjah in UAE.

His lecture started with a brief review on the urban planning development in the UAE, from the vernacular to the international. He explained the challenges in the sustainable development of the Sharjah University campus and transportation system in Dubai in the wake of 2020 World Expo, and the reason for his visit to Hokkaido University to learn from the Japanese example in campus and subway/JR spatial planning.

His lecture was followed by the concepts of function and sustainability he teaches to his students at the Architecture Faculty in the University of Sharjah.

After his lecture, Emad san and his family had the opportunity to socialize with Architectural Planning Laboratory members while enjoying Halal Obento.

We had a really good time with all of Dr. Emad.

Thank you very much!!

PD Amir





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