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Study Trip 2016 2016年10月20日



We had a study trip from 20 - 21th Oct. in Hokkaido.

This trip has begun since 2014. Our major is architecture and planning so we have less chance to know about another specialties. This study trip aims at studying new knowledge like architectural structure, material, environment and so on.

This study trip focuses on "renewable energy" because in today's global warming, that form of energy is very important and Hokkaido has lots of estimated quantity of renewable energy generations because of its very vast areas and a lot of nature.

We went to Date city, Muroran city, Abira town, Minamifurano town and Shikaoi town. Then we visited some facilities of wind power generation, photovoltaic power generation, large storage battery, biogas plant and hydraulic power generation.

We had great time at these places because we could enter the inside that facilities which we can't enter usually. And staff members explained the system of the electricity generations, how to be storing electricity and making the biogas from excrement of livestocks.

At night, we made dinner like "Ishikari Nabe (it was delicious)", talked and played cards and jenga with students from overseas. It was new experience for me. Next morning, it was snowing in Minamifurano town. Some students have never seen snow, so they were very surprised.

This visiting included many students who study abroad so sometimes difficult to understand the explanation for them. However, a student told me "that trip was very exciting, thank you" then I was glad to hear that, thank you too.

Last, I'm very grateful to the staff of the facilities and students studying abroad.

Thank you for your cooperations!


                            MC1 Domoto

Big Generator with Big Blades                     Tour Guide      


The Facilities of Large Storage Battery    Photovoltaic Power Generation with Strong Wind

Making Dinner with Lab. Members

          They fell asleep                     Over the Countries






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