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重慶大学の学生が本学を訪問しました 重庆大学访问北海道大学工学院 2018年7月20日



We received the visiting students and teachers from Chongqing University at July 20th. Since Hokkaido University and Chongqing University have a good relationship of visiting and collaborating among laboratories and schools for a long time, this time our laboratory also continued the tradition and had good meeting with them.

This visiting started at 13:30 pm after the students and teachers arrived at engineering building. Nomura sensei gave a sincere greeting to them and wished better collaborating in future. The representative of Chongqing University also expressed the hope that they want to enhance the communication between two schools.

After the greeting, 6 members of our laboratory presented their studies and lives in Hokkaido University and Sapporo city by PPT slides. 5 of them are Chinese students, so they showed their impression from the view of Chinese foreigner students. Tsubouchi-san also showed his research and experience of working with students of Chongqing University.

The presenting topics consist of researches, special classes, projects, the campus, touring and daily lives. The visiting students and teachers were quite interested in what we presented, and gave highly positive response of all topics and kept asking questions about each topic.

Nomura sensei also guided them to visit Mutsumi hall, the architecture building. Sensei explained functions of each space and asked students some questions of the special construction in the building. At last, we took a group photos together in front of Mutsumi hall and gave best wishes to each other.

The visiting students and teachers showed that they enjoyed a lot in Hokkaido University, and we also hope that this visiting will help to promote the communication between two schools in the future. @Huang (D2)




 一層の学術交流を推進に向けて、北大には、このような国際交流イベントを今後も企画してもらえればと思います。@Chu (D2)

 会場の雰囲気は思うよりもっとパッショネートでした。皆さんはリラックスで、まじめに私たちの紹介を聞いて、たくさんの返事と質問をいただきました。とても良い交流機会だと思います。@Cao (M2)

 重慶大学は私たちの学校に来て交流参観しました。留学経験は豊富で、交換留学生活について重慶大学の交換留学生も発表しました、みんなは研究室プロジェクトや海外留学経験を熱心に話しました。 私たちも重慶大学大学への小さな贈り物をもらいました、重慶大学と北海道大学との国際交流活動を促進しました。@Li (M1)




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