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BBQ Party 2018年9月24日



Today, we had a barbecue party to get together with everybody!

It started a bit later than the designated time because it rained, but after half an hour, the rain had stopped and we were able to begin!

We had a campfire setting and had the chairs around a circle with all the delicious food in the middle to be grilled! I liked the setting because we were able to see each other while talking around the campfire.

We had Barbecued pork and beef, grilled vegetables, salmon, sanma, yakisoba and Genghis Khan! For drinks we had beer, tea and juice, but I chose Sapporo Classic because I know it would be my last time to have a taste.

Today was actually my last time to have a party with the lab members, I am leaving for Sapporo directly after graduation. I am very thankful for everyone who helped me adjust with my life in Japan, from the lab work and with my social life. I hope that we can see each other in the future and I wish everyone the best with all their present and future endeavors!

M2 Chim




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