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The University of Texas at Austinの学生が本研究室を訪問しました 2024年6月20日


On June 20th, 14 students and 3 faculty members from the University of Texas at Austin visited Hokkaido University as part of the following program. Our Laboratory welcomed them with a lecture from Professor Mori and a tour of the Hokkaido University campus, and it was a valuable opportunity to deepen friendships with students from overseas universities.



First, Professor Mori gave a lecture on the efforts that have been made in Kamishihoro town so far.

After the lecture, the UT Austin students asked a steady stream of questions, which made us Japanese students realize that we should also follow his example.




Afterwards, a tour of the Hokkaido University campus was organized by doctoral student Eman San.

The tour took in the attractions of the university, including Sapporo Agricultural College Model Dairy farm, Hokkaido University School of Medicine Centennial Hall, and the Hokkaido University Wine Education and Research Center, showcasing the charms of the Hokkaido University campus to the Austin students.

After the two-hour tour, everyone was a little exhausted.



We believe that the students at UT Austin were able to experience the appeal of our laboratory and Hokkaido University.

It was also a valuable opportunity for the students to interact with students of the same generation from overseas universities.

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